Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls -Sixth Sense Illuminati

I watch Eat Your Kimchi's music mondays and i noticed that they reviewed BEG's new video. After i watched it, i noticed weird things like one of the girls chained to a media podium, Narsha dressed in cat print around cages, and some type of rebellion like in the movie V for Vendetta.

Last night i posted 3 mini article posts on here and the last one i was going to do was BEG. But i was tired and went to sleep. When i woke up i saw on that he had JUST posted an analysis to this music  video! horay :)

So you can go read that at his site....... and i will repost it here to inform those that don;t know the website.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The American Illuminati

I can tell from Blogger statistics that most of my readers are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philliphines. So if you guys are not familiar with American stars, i wanted to show you who rules the music charts there.

All these artists have the same number 1 songs over and over and over. They are played on the radio several times a day and make millions of dollars. Since they debuted, the artists have gone from a cute innocent image to something very wild and dark and sexual.

ex: Britney Spears, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc.... 

Here are the common hand poses or signs. Either the all seeing eye or the 666 hand.

Emma Watson from Harry Potter
Emma isn't Japanese or Korean. So why is she doing this pose? Is it cute? No, I dont think so. So why do Asians believe it is cute?
Beyonce, wife of Jay-Z. She has alter egos..... @_@ 
Beyonce is EXTREMELY SHY in person. She has a soft voice and claims to be religous. HOWEVER, as soon as she gets on the stage or on her videos she is very very sexual. She talks about sex and womens power. But her persona does not match up. She also claims to have "alter egos". I truly believe there is something wrong with her. One moment she is acting like a lady and very shy and the next she is thrusting, shaking her body practically talking about how she wants to have sex.
Christina Aguilera. This cd is called BIONIC.
Her Cd theme was Bionic. A weird quote from her song is 
"I’m out of character
I’m in rare form and If you really knew me
you’d know its not the norm

Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
the old me’s gone I feel brand new
and if you don’t like it F*ck youI’m not myself tonighttonight 
I’m not the same girl same girlI’m not myself tonight
tonight I’m not the same girl same girl"

Mila Kunis from 70's Show/ Family Guy/ and lots of recent movies like Black Swan

The Queen of Scheme, Lady Gaga.

Jay-Z , he is a rumored free-mason.

Gaga again. Before she got really famous.

Rock group Paramore. 
 Two Christian members left from the group saying they did not like the direction the group was going.

Dara 2ne1 illuminati pyramid Can't Nobody

from Can't Nobody English Version

SNSD The Boys Illuminati girls generation