Saturday, September 22, 2012

Orange Caramel JPOP My Sweet Little Devil Illuminati

This is a JPOP review instead of Korean incase someone forgets to read and makes a comment down below. Orange Caramel is a kpop group and they recently have been expanding to the Japanese market by releasing this Japanese Music Video.

Friday, September 21, 2012

G Dragon sell his soul? illuminati blog

It's G-Dragons solo return again and I was just watching his countdown video. I do admit that I thought it was a great video to have him sit down and open the two CD box versions of his album. The video is very mellow and chill and GD smiles a lot which is great! I dont hate GD or Big bang or anyone else. I am fans of their music but i do question when they act weird, wear strange things or do certain things.

In this shot GD explains the photos in his album. The photo above is a rockstar concept. "they are my brothers...and they sell their soul."  And then he does a little smile and moves on to the next photo. It's like he acknowledges the stereotype that you need to sell your soul to someone inorder to get their help to be famous. What do you think?