Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Bang BAD BOY performance SBS Inkigayo illuminati

Everytime he says "baby, your a good girl" he pull the 666/a-ok hand gesture along with Tae.

Both hands now.

And now even Daesung.

SUJU Donghae illuminati Super Junior siwon

(this very interesting post is originally from kpopinfiltrated all credit for them)

Here is Donghae wearing a t-shirt with overt occult imagery. This is as obvious as night and day.  Why is he wearing the shirt? Did he buy it himself or as fans will probably say “the stylist just told him to wear it”? This appears to be an informal gathering with no photographers around.  Why would he chose to wear this shirt? Why did he chose to buy that shirt?

What's really ironic about this photo is that he's standing beside a supposedly very conservative, very devout Christian.

No explanation need K-Pop lovers. Why is donghae (who is actually my favorite member) wearing the satanic inverted star? Would you go to church wearing a pentagram and upside down cross?... NO,  I WOULDNT.