Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm happy to announce that i reached over 10,000 views for ONE POST in one month due to the crazy sones!! ^_^

Sones are the super fan club of Girls Generation/SNSD. They defend their masters.....I mean group members like there's no tomorrow. I bet you, they would jump in front of a bus to save Jessica rather than save their own mom. The need to realize that these groups are payed tons of money to dance around like robots. They don't care about you. They just need you to buy their record, merchandise, and to show up places.

They defend every action and move that the girls of SNSD do. If one of them is caught smoking you can bet that the Sones are there fighting back saying "SHE CAN SMOKE IF SHE WANTS TO. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN STOP WATCHING THEM." :P

These little girls and boys need to realize that there is a difference between reality and fantasy. You're going to have to grow up, get a job, and pay bills.

I like SNSD as much as the next K-pop enthusiast, but these Sones are the ones that make me not like Kpop. SONES go onto 2NE1 videos or posts and start posting trash saying that Taeyon is better, Sica is better!

SNSD has no real talent, they can't battle vocally with American artists.

Adios viewers, ^_^


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    1. you could just shut up,SNSD is a good girlband and they aren't illuminati. how can you say they are an illuminati just because the photos? how can you know althought it is trues could you just stop bashing them?

    2. All kpop describe abt illuminati completely. if you dont understand and dont know just shut the fuck up and learn! you all never grew up or smth. not bcs SNSD is a good gb it doesnt represent illuminati too. BEACUSE it is a good gb, perfect place to send subliminal message to young generation of ours.

  2. CL isn't yelling! Maybe you're the one with a messed up view on singing

  3. not all of them are ILLUMINATI there's only some of them ,, i watched snsd's videos and i saw some illuminati signs like THE BOYS yoona's one eye .

  4. I'm pretty sure SNSD got in coz of talent...most of them weren't as good looking in there pre debut days (no offense) so if it wasn't looks then it was definetly talent. Why u judging? Can you be as famous as them?

    1. To anonymous above my comment : Why you judging? => where do you live? Is making opinion considered as breaking laws in where you live?
      Can you be as famous as them? => cliche. Music listener doesn't have to be famous to give any opinion.

      To poster : I'm no longer K-pop fan and actually hate some childish K-pop fans but I do put my respect on you. :)
      Thanks for your opinion.

  5. i understand your point but it's just ridiculous to generalize. i'm a sone, but i do not bash. i'm a sone but i won't choose SNSD over my mom. i'm a sone but i consider other artists' talent, too. instead of saying any SNSD member is better, i compliment them if they deserve it or give my honest criticism...
    i cannot say that this is just an opinion, this is bashing already...

  6. no, i should thank you. thank you so much for watching on SNSD carefully. if it's not because of you, i will never know that exist. thank you once again^^.

  7. SNSD just did what was ordered by management/SMent

    i don't care if they are really illuminati, i still love them, i would not be affected by the illuminati because i have a faith

    best regards,

  8. I heard this from a trust-able person. she was 14 back then and a big kpop fan. she loves SNSD so bad and made SNSD as her role model. she tried to lost fat to be as skinny as SNSD. she is a pretty religious person too. her parents are also religious. she spent most of her time for listening to kpop song and fangirling. one day her friend tell her about illuminati, she tried to search about that and she was pretty shocked. She tried to stop listening to kpop. but it didn't last for long time. In one.afternoon she was lying on her bed and she suddenly could see in her head there are some girls with black dress. one of the girl was her favorite SNSD member. the member tried to aprroach her with her dark face, she was terrified so she pray to God and suddenly it's all dissapeared. she was still afraid so she went to the living room and ask her mom to pray for her. From then she got one nightmare at night too but after that she stopped being a fan of kpop and really tried to make herself closer to God.

    i don't know if you guys would not believe it or whatever. but i just want to share this. sorry for my bad english. i'm not a fan of SNSD but i'm a hardcore.kpop fan too. but when i heard this, i really shocked and learn more about kpop and illuminati. and wow.. I feel like kpop is a really bad world.

  9. In my opinion, it's not bad to like k-pop or c-pop because they're like the other music. It's just a music/song. It helped us to go through the days and keeping up the mood.
    It's true if we search all the music video both in k-pop and western pop maybe we find some strange sign that you refer to illuminati, but it's not always about illuminati actually. It could be an art too, we also know that we can interpret an art ourselves. It's possible if there're more than 1 meaning for an art and it's all up to us to interpret it. But if you always search about illuminati in every music video when you will enjoy the music?
    I'm a christian and I like k-pop/c-pop/western pop and so does the christian music too. Let's be wise and enjoy the music :)

  10. hahah .. again .. things like this a lot in the entertainment world ...., well that is considered as a trivial form of symbols illuminati was uncovered thousands of times ... (the symbols had been planted long ago, and has become a sort of trademark that people consciously or unconsciously will apply) ... Now we need to ask is what pointnya for us? we are choosing something and would also have to know the pros and cons.