Sunday, January 8, 2012

‪NS Yoon-G - The Reason I Became A Witch‬ illuminati

Devil or witch?
Today i saw this video by yoon G and ofcourse decided to feature it here on my blog. The song title drew me in because it sounded extremely strange....."the reason i became a witch." I don't think that would have a parent approval if your mom or dad saw your iPod with that title on the screen.

The video starts with Yoon speaking softly and behind a WHITE curtain. You should know by now the routine; the video begins white, then red, and lastly black. She is in a dainty dress that appears to be white.

Her dress is dual like the both sides of Yoon ( the black and white/ dark and light). The video thens switches to Yoon walking in leather at the camera.

The text in the MV clearly says what she is...a. WITCH??

Now we see Yoon spliting to three different personalities
"Your blackened intentions are so obvious
I'm not so innocent anymore"
Here's the guy that supposidly drove her to become a witch.
"I hate you forget you - I hate you
Shut up, piss off, please just give up
The reason I became a witch"

Heres the touch of red and black.

Here's that SAME guy she was just flirting with. So now she is going for revenge by TORTURE.

"You trampled on my love and laughed
You clung on to a foolish love
The reason I became a witch
The reason why I'm cursing you (now)
Hurry and run away, I'm a girl with a gun"

Some weird BLOOD I'm assuming is from the guy?

A scene of her whipping the ex. The weirdness continues.

 NS Yoon G shows us her violet witch eyes. Did you know that people have reported devil like beings pretending to be human to have a violet eye color?
One eyed with her devil horn logo.

Take care everyone & Happy New Year!


  1. Excellent analysis. I wanted to review her as well but I'm just going to link back to your post.

    I find it very interesting that it's mainly solo acts that have predominant and obvious occult themes. It's very rare to find those themes in group acts.

  2. u knows everything about illuminati. SO U ARE ILLUMINATI RIGHT? ^^

    1. haha, no i would never join they're side.

    2. she's being cautious! thats why she knows everything... so she could remind others

  3. I have violet contacts. :P I also do not worship illuminati.

  4. Funny how you never see claims of Illuminati themes in countries where there aren't any conservative Christians... :\

  5. You know the song is "the reason i became a witch" You idiot; hence the witch references. -facepalms-

  6. I see her eyes as blue though? Where is violet?

  7. Replies
    1. she is order to be famous you have to join the illuminati and sell your soul to the dvil.. thats why she is so famous

  8. One thing overlooked is in photos 4 & 5 (descending order) you can see the Masonic symbol of the square and the compass in the word Witch (M.W.M)

    Mason square and compass -->

    Keep up the good work in exposing the enemy.

  9. Watching the video, I found it strange that there was writing (English) on the wall left and right of Yoon G. It appears in video at the 1:00, 1:49, & the 3:20 marks.

    Why would a Yoon G / Kpop video include this letter in their video? --->

    which comes from --->

  10. if anyone believe in this you are out of your mind!!!!!!