Monday, August 1, 2011

2NE1 "I Hate You" MV illuminati breakdown


Before i assumed that there wasn't a single weird symbol in this entire video but i was wrong! I was singing along and watching the video and i spotted more things.


CL's backdrop looks like some kind of power nuclear plant with a mushroom cloud rising above it from an explosion. Eerily similar to Japans nuclear attacks.(weird)

Park Bom has the standard backdrop for the music video. The land is all dirt and the buildings look like they've been turned to ashes and abandoned. There is a hidden little skull rock.(weird/cool)


Sandara is in the Pub that the group will visit later. Notice there is a ram/goat's head hidden in the back of the bar!! Not only are goat heads ugly, but they are evil because they symbolize sacrifice and Baphomet. You're likey to see big "illuminated" American stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga pose around them out in the open.(weird)

Min-zi ( i thought it was minzi) is in the same background as Bom. The destroyed city.


The video starts with a HUGE pan of the moon! Ahh, the pretty moon. Some would say that the moon plays an important part in rituals,holidays,and ceremonies to the illuminated ones, but i'll just say that the girls are doing a mission at night therefore the moon is out!

We see our bad guy, Mr.Orange hair, staring at the moon. It's followed by cut scenes of a time bomb! We can assume that he's planted another bomb to destroy even more cities! The bomb explodes and wipes out another power plant. Nooooo!

The 2NE1 getaway car is a pink Hummer with a playful skull and crossbones. They see that Mr.Orange is WANTED and plan to get justice to capture him dead or alive. Reward of 500,000,000.
They make it to the PUB where the girls park the group car. Now the next scene was the first thing that caught my eye after watching the video like 50 times and assuming nothing was here. CL quickly walks into the bar and you can catch a glimpse of BUTTERFLIES!! Butterflies have to do with Monarch Programming and basically is like brainwashing of mostly women who are on the road to illumination( Mariah Carey, Haley of Paramore, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga).You can also see the GOAT/RAM head again. (weird)
Dara sees Mr.Orange in the bar and goes after him in the lavatory. Hidden queen of hearts on the wall (blackjacks queen heart card!).

They fist fight and as Dara is about to get her butt kicked, CL saves the day firing away her guns. However, Mr.Orange is able to escape through the window.

2NE1 jumps in their car and goes on a wild chase. Bom shoots and the bullet hits Mr.Orange!! They do a close up of his face and he's shocked and unable to move. His skin becomes ILLUMINATED and his spirit/soul is able to escape from his human body into another form. A Huge orb of light surround him as he transforms from a "human" to a devil figure with horns(yup its in there just pause it!) and then finally to a "monster" which the girls have to battle again. (weird)

This monster looks more like a robot, but the girls get the job done again! Minzi shoots the monster with a pink robot with their crossbones logo .And then the coolest thing happens. The rocket explodes and the monster takes the shape of the round skull as it explodes. Then its a SKULL CLOUD!!!
Then the weirdest thing happens, the monster returns to its human form! What the……… so is it human, a devil, or a robot?!!! Mr. Orange is beat up on the floor and they kick him as he rolls WATCH THE SKY CHANGES COLOR FROM PURPLE TO MAGENTA PINK!! Then his body dematerializes into the sky.  Is he defeated? I have no idea… And did 2NE1 ever get their reward of 500,000,000?


Weirdness scale of the video:  3 out of 5


  1. The Proves that there not in it no more im working on a blog that shows that there not in it no more

  2. Huh, I thought Mr. Orange was a Ms. Orange.

  3. I the case of the things you've pointed out, it looks as though 2ne1 is fighting them. Because all of the evidence is in a world that's was stricken with chaos and disaster and they make it look as though the guy with the orange hair is the cause of whatever disasters struck (as pointed to on their backdrops from the beginnings of the video) and was about to destroy the whole thing. 2ne1 on the other hand are going out of their way against what they know is a great evil, even overcoming temptation (before CL came in the back room Dara seemed to be kind of mesmerized), and fighting to defeat it.
    This video makes me proud of them

  4. proud of them? have you seen there latest videos, and what about cl's latest solo video and her perormance with lee hyori where she says in the opening that she sold her soul