Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Japanese group Perfume illuminati robotic performance

Hello everyone!
Sorry but today i want to review videeos by Japanese girl group Perfume. I know this isn't kpop but its still in the asian market= Jpop. I forgot i had this video on my computer since 2009 and now that i watch it again i was super creeped out.


This video is really weird. It starts with the backstage of "PTV" (perfume television). Three white mannequins stand on the stage and then it turns out that the girls are the mannequins. They are lifeless until they are fed this Pino chocolate.

Then the group of girls are posing on white stairs. Take notice that they are at the bottom of the stairs. This could symbolize reaching new heights of "fame/popularity/knowledge." Maybe they want to illuminated and enlightened?

 Then Perfume does their weird robotic moves around the stage.
 Their handlers wear these weird face covers. You can never see their skin or face. They run the PTV network and are incharge of Perfume.
 The girls wait in the dressing room daydreaming to before they were famous.
 They remember hanging out and seeing the advertising for Pino chocolate all over Japan's buildings.
 And it looks like they used to be able to feed themselves before they got famous. All the girls are acting normal and human. They giggle and move naturally smiling. Fun before fame.

 The climb higher and higher. Notice they all wear white. Purity and innocence.
 Now the billboard has changed! What do you see? Perfume themselves have landed the advertisment next to Pino chocolate. They jump around in joy of their new fame.

 A-chan and Kashiyuka reminice on their past as their "handlers" comb and style their hair. They sing with blank stares and no emotion. Their handlers do everything in this fast weird manner.
 The girls have their street disguises like celebrities do to not be bothered. They hope no one will notice them.
 The advertising is now ALL Perfume and Pino chocolate! They've taken over Japan with their popularity.
 Kashiyuka stops and she's run out of power? She is frozen on the stair and cannot move.

 A-Chan gets out a piece of chocolate and feeds it to her.
 She is now able to move again and see the correct path to take. Up and up the winding stairs they go.

 They show Perfume outside again but this time they keep eating more and more chocolate.(haha)
 The performance ends and the girls freeze on stage in their dance position.
 Lights go out and the girls have become the mannequins again!! @_@ very freaky
 Its weird because after the girls are in WHITE clothes they turn to mannequins and then out of the right screen the group emerges AGAIN ( in front of their mannequin selves?!?!)wearing BLACK. They are still eating the Pino.


  1. All their videos and dance moves are filled with illuminati symbols

  2. Thank you for your opinion on this video. Well, I interpreted it differently. Like everyone always has secret in their life. Perfume members also have their own secrets of their fame. Thanks :)

  3. If you don't like this, then you would be extremely troubled by their PV "Spending All My Time"

  4. what's wrong with their mv "spending all my time"?

  5. Holy crap on their spending all my time video they throw so many symbols it's nuts o.o