Friday, June 8, 2012

Big Bang Monster MV cooming soon

I need you baby, I'm not a monster......


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You're back! I can't wait!!!

  2. Will wait for your update~

  3. Please be focus to all the member.. especially the leader.. Thats cool, hipnotize!!

  4. Hi there.
    I just read all your posts because i have to do a research about illuminati and i found your blog really interesting.
    First of all. Illuminati are not directly related with satanism. Certainly it is a cult, but they don't believe in concept such as God - Demon. Sure, they believe in a Supreme Force, they think they are the enlightened ones, the elected to exercise this power on earth. But, as i said, they're not related with satanism.
    Second point. Freemasonry. All you have to do is google it. The Freemasonry is a discrete institution, non-religious, philanthropic and philosophical, founded with a sense of brotherhood. Their objective is the search for truth through reason and promote intellectual and moral development of human. See anything wrong?
    Third point. Symbolism. I think you should research deeper.
    Im a declared kpop fan, of course im not maniatic, but i also think you should relax a little more. This kind of stuff can get people obsessed, and i supose thats not the point of your blog.
    I hope you dont get mad ;)
    PS: excuse my bad english ._.

    1. i couldn't agree with you more than i already have, anon 06-12-12 2:38 pm.

    2. im pretty sure searching on google they would say
      illuminati: cause there's no other better than satan himself, we love him
      freemasonry: we love satan and we want to take over peoples mind and offer it to him
      of course it would be covered up and sugar coded and seem to have good intentions.

  5. hey, see this
    this MV interesting me

    1. Yes please look at this. I watched the MV and I thought it was a little weird. I been waiting for u to post something about it!

  6. Yes please look at this. I watched the MV and I thought it was a little weird. I been waiting for u to post something about it!


    A picture of JB.

  8. Just found this blog! Very interesting and enlighten. Btw, would you mind to discuss abt DBSK/TVXQ MV's here? Maybe the old ones when they were 5. I'm a Cassie and I'd like to know abt illuminati symbols on TVXQ music videos. Thank you ^^ | - Nina

  9. f(x) electric shock i think is illuminati too...
    electric shock is one of the the method to torture...
    i read it in the link that you shared:


  10. hi i just watched new B.A.P mv no mercy. the video setting screams Illuminati!. Look carefully at the background ceiling and the silver foil back ground. It has the illusion triangle eye thing,. I cant believe it illuminati has taken over B.A.P ! :(

    heres their offical mv!

  11. Big Bang becomes really obvious, don't you think?!

    @nina: check out "Purple Lines" one of the old DBSK vdos. I noticed some weird symbolisms.

  12. In my opinion, it's not bad to like k-pop or c-pop because they're like the other music. It's just a music/song. It helped us to go through the days and keeping up the mood.
    It's true if we search all the music video both in k-pop and western pop maybe we find some strange sign that you refer to illuminati, but it's not always about illuminati actually. It could be an art too, we also know that we can interpret an art ourselves. It's possible if there're more than 1 meaning for an art and it's all up to us to interpret it. But if you always search about illuminati in every music video when you will enjoy the music?
    I'm a christian and I like k-pop/c-pop/western pop and so does the christian music too. Let's be wise and enjoy the music :)